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Table 5 Participants’ feedback on the manga health promotion intervention

From: Use of health promotion manga to encourage physical activity and healthy eating in Japanese patients with metabolic syndrome: a case study

Theme Code Description example
Benefits of using manga or comic strips Content comprehension aided by pictures Since it is comic strip format it is easy to understand and I think it is good to understand using pictures with less language used. (No. 9)
Sensory understanding I could understand what to do in one glance. (No. 10)
Request for information Information on calories burnt It would be helpful to have the average value of calories burnt (No. 6)
Specify expectations regarding results using numbers I think it is good to know the extent of the difference between when one does small things diligently and when one does not in the form of numbers. (No. 8)
Strengthening the antecedent factors of actions Improvement in the intention of carrying out actions On some occasions I made it a point not to sit in the train and I would like to continue this (No. 4).
Recognition and understanding of the importance of actions I reconfirm things that I was thinking of doing by looking at the pictures and then practice them. (No. 9)
Awareness of the importance of changes in actions I thought that I could also do such things and doing them would make a difference (No. 8)
Enhancing self-efficacy for carrying out actions I think I can do “simultaneous” exercises, watch my calories, and eat vegetables and fruits instead of sweets (No. 11)
  1. Note. Numbers in parentheses denote participant number