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Table 3 Participants’ characteristics

From: Use of health promotion manga to encourage physical activity and healthy eating in Japanese patients with metabolic syndrome: a case study

No. Gender Age (years) Job Action plan
Physical activity Eating behavior Other
1 Female 50s Part-time employee Proactively going for walks  
2 Female 60s Housewife Standing on the train  
3 Female 60s Housewife Yoga Restrict alcohol intake; Eat vegetables first; Eat moderately  
4 Female 60s Housewife Proactively going for walks  
5 Female 50s Housewife Radio gymnastic exercises  
6 Male 60s Farmer   Monitor weight
7 Male 70s Carrier business   Carry a packed lunch; Intake of vegetables  
8 Female 40s Part-time employee Uses a pedometer Eat vegetables first  
9 Female 70s Housewife   Stretch exercises  
10 Female 50s Housewife Radio gymnastic exercises Chew well while eating  
11 Male 60s Unemployed   Restrict carbohydrates intake  
12 Male 60s Self-employed   Restrict salt intake