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Table 2 Tips to encourage behavior change

From: Use of health promotion manga to encourage physical activity and healthy eating in Japanese patients with metabolic syndrome: a case study

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Walking bit by bit is also effective! Many people should feel that putting on shoes and training wear and going for a walk is not effective unless you take a long walk… However, recent research has shown that walking a lot, even a bit at a time, is important. This is due to the cumulative effect of both short and long walks. If you are someone who is busy and cannot exercise, how about starting with small changes? Such as, “changing brief trips into walks.”
Start from the easy things, such as quality, quantity and frequency! It is difficult to come up with small changes. People who struggle to come up with something, like Kobayashi and Ms. Yamada, should start by considering their current behavior from three perspectives: “changing quality,” “changing quantity” and “changing frequency.” That way, you can identify a goal of small changes that suit you.