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Table 1 Health promotion manga dialogue

From: Use of health promotion manga to encourage physical activity and healthy eating in Japanese patients with metabolic syndrome: a case study

Frame Dialogue
1 PHN Yoshida: How is your health, both of you?
Mrs. Yamada: Blood pressure has also increased since last year and weight has also increased by 2 kg…
Mr. Kobayashi: I am aware that I have a paunch but I am busy with work and cannot exercise…and I have also not been able to stop drinking at dinner.
2 PHN Yoshida: Both of you…at present all is fine but do you think five years, ten years from now too all will be fine? It is important to make efforts from now onwards!
3 Mrs. Yamada: Even then …I have not been able to continue exercising and restricting my diet for a long time…also, I cannot really give up sweets…
Mr. Kobayashi: I am fine. It’s all right to live short if I can do what I want to do!
4 PHN Yoshida: Your health is the health of all the members of your family. Please think of all the sad faces of your family members if you fall ill.
Mr. Kobayashi & Mrs. Yamada: Hmm…
5 Mrs. Yamada: But isn’t there a good way of doing it? It is difficult to do something out of the way…
6 PHN Yoshida: Don’t worry! There is no need to use anything special! All you need to do is just change your everyday actions a little. For example…
7 PHN Yoshida: Mr. Kobayashi! Even though you are busy, will you be able to manage this much?
[Physical activity small change] Change the nature or content: walk in long strides; coffee break into a stretch break; Changing the quantity: go shopping to a store that is a little further away; walk for 5 min longer than usual; Change the frequency: mop the floor clean more frequently than at present; divide the trash and put it out more often.
8 PHN Yoshida: Ms. Yamada! There is no need to stop eating sweets altogether, but do you think you can come up with a way of reducing intake of sweets?
[Healthy eating small change] Change the nature or content: meat is better boiled rather than grilled; fruits instead of sweets; Changing the quantity: reduce chocolate to two pieces from four pieces; eat moderately and never fill your stomach; Change the frequency: reduce drinking at dinner from every day to three times a week; eat deep-fried food only once a week.
9 Mrs. Yamada: I think I may be able to manage this much…Will these small things be effective?
10 PHN Yoshida: Actually, weight does not increase because one has eaten too much. The cause is the piling up of the little bit of overeating and lack of exercise every day.
11 PHN Yoshida: Even small changes when continued consistently make both the body and mind healthy! What would you like to begin with?
12 Mrs. Yamada: I would like to divide the garbage and increase the number of times I go to put out the trash and start eating fruits instead of sweets!
Mr. Kobayashi: For the time being, I would like to start with “walking in longer strides that usual”!
PHN Yoshida: Perseverance will accomplish all things! Do let us know about your experiences!
13 Co-worker: What’s this? What’s happening all of a sudden?
Mr. Kobayashi: The future is all about having a long, frugal life!